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Dec 31st - Happy New Year 2022!

2022 is almost here! This patch will celebrate a new year with our special event Death Carnevil's New Year Festival!

Death Carnevil is back, this time with a New Year Festival collab! We added a new minigame to the main tent, so play them with your homies and get special rewards! Also, we added the rest of the FrostDew weapons to the Tower of Ascension's collector Shop. The effects are super cool (by cool, we literally mean cool, XD)! And, as usual we added more SSS for Fay, Nija Verin, Barbas and updated Mim's. Hope you guys like em'.

We now have our Reddit community! Feel free to join and discuss about our game! Link:

Patch Notes v7.53

- Added a special event: Death Carnevil x New Year Festival (Accessible via Ichigo after 20.00 at Demon Slum, Requires 1 Hunter pass.)

- Added a new field item : Northern Star (Reusable)

- Added a new field item : Southern Star (Reusable)

- Add 16 more Frost Dew Weapons to Tower of Ascension's collector Shop. (Can be traded with BlueStar)

• Status : STR = 10; VIT = 10; DEX = 10; TAL = 15

• Ability : Gives nAttack 33% chance to inflict 23% ice down status (ice element)

- Update all FrostDew weapons's missing effect.

- Expand Tower of Ascension to 60 floors.

- Added a new item to FreeShop and GuildShop: BronzeBaphy, SilverBaphy, GoldBaphy (Can be traded with coupons/buy or sell with silver)

- Fixed reward boxes not added to client at the end of stages.

- Updated our wiki page with new info.

and many more!


- Added new Fay’s 7th Satanic Skill : ArcaneBurst - Temporary remove nAttack's delay and use 5xLVL(10~20)% of current MP as its mag. dmg for 15s.

- Added new Nija's 7th Satanic Skill : MidnightPalm - Deals STR(3x~6x) [light]/[shadow] dmg and inflicts 50% lightDown/shadowDown for LVL(13~23)s.

- Added new Verin’s 7th Satanic Skill : IceRain - Channel ice rain toward one enemy, dealing 30xTAL(45~90) ice m.dmg

- Added new Barbas’ 7th Satanic Skill : ShortCircuit - Deals STR(1x~2x) + TAL(100~200) [thunder] dmg (double for machines) and inflict paralyze for 4s.

- Updated and added a new icon for Mim's 7th Satanic Skill : SelfHypnosis- Temporary increase all stats by TAL({0}~{1}) and delay all damages for {2}s.

- Updated and added a new icon for Mim's 7th Satanic Skill : GreySlumber- Put all allies and enemies around Mim (23m) to sleep for LVL(15~30)s (half for demons.)

- Added new FX to Amy's SSS - Repent.

- Fixed Killjoy's SSS: Killer String bug and extends its time to 23s.


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