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Feb 2nd - Sexy Valentine

Come celebrate the Month of love with our sexy-pink-theme underworld! The love angels and Eros are back to take over the OPW along with a new CNY mini boss. Jiang Long, the general dragon, will only take KO as damage, so don't forget to plan your strategy well. We also added a new open-hunt stage: [b]Lover Street[/b] for you to hunt lust arena materials. (Will open every day until the next patch, and afterward it will open every Friday.

There's also a new special CNY stage that let you collect your ang-pao money (featuring our guests- 12Tail Rabbit.) Just make sure you don't hurt anyone on this special day and collect as much money as you can. (Don't forget to wear money boost item for even more money!)

ps. So sorry for the patching a bit late because we made many new stages and stuffs. Sad news is, we couldn't finish our newest Battle League in time... (but it's already here in this patch, just not open yet.) Lastly, a short reminder to send your shipping address to us for those who made it to the top 10 ranking from Hell's Firework event. So we can send them out asap.

Patch v8.01

- Updated Demon Slum, OPW, Event Shop, and Town Quest with Valentine x CNY event.

- Update event shop with Valentine items.

- Added new event monsters : Jiang Long, Masochistan, Heart Wing

- Added new Lust creeps : Masochistan, Creepier, Hornier

- Added a new event campaign and new conquests : Lunar New Year

- Added new Open Hunt and new conquests: Lover Street

- Added a new item : Ang Pao : Throw in the flame altar for rewards as follows: (Obtainable from Town Quest)

- Added a new item : Rabbit Mimic : Mimics into 12Tales Rabbit (Requires 10 souls) (Obtainable from Ang Pao)

- Added a new item : Red Pendent - Rare pendent that increases Hate by 25%. (Rare drop from Jiang Long)

- Added a new item : Jade Pendent - Rare pendent that reduce Hate by 25%. (Rare drop from Jiang Long)

- Added a new anima: Weapon Expert - Increase STR and TAL from equipments by 7-35%. (Obtainable from Lover Street conquest)

- Added a new anima : Armor Mastery - Increase VIT and DEX from equipments by 7-35%. (Obtainable from Lover Street conquest)

- Updated Chinese New Year outfit to "all" type armor. (Obtainable from Ang Pao and event shop)

- Updated Rose Bouquet with new items with 50% chance of romance weapons. (Obtainable from Event shop)

- Updated models of Tsukuyomi, Barbas and Mhaou 's Chinese New Year outfit.

- Updated open hunt banners for Scrap Yard and Mystic Wood.

- Added and updated more Rank Icons.


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