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Feb 5th - Lunar Valentine

Do you prefer to be lucky in love or in money? Time to choose your luck in this double event patch! The new event will be 3 weeks long with different items to trade every week. This week patch feature old item from our previous events. Many new items are coming next week, including a higher tier Valentine Weapons. (required old one to trade in so if you don't have one, get them!)

Sadly, we were too busy finishing up our promotional stuffs, we couldn't finish the new open world quest. We have the new demon ready for next week though, and he's a super cool one. For now, he's here as the Ranking-Challenge boss in a 1v1 fight to the death. };D

Patch Note v7.02 - Change Demon Slum and Open world to Lunar Valentine event theme. - Add two new Chinese BGMs. - Add new event item Orange-n-Heart. - Add new event random box: Ang pao (cow) - Add new Ranking Challenge #5 February Wind (one player) to campaign window. - Add new Ranking Challenge boss: Devil Zuijin. - Add new ranking challenge reward: Wind Emerald to Death King's collector shop. - Fixed bug that prevent player from trading for Light Ametyst.



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