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Jan 16th - Toy Parade & All Skills Balance

Kicking off the new year with the Toy Parade and fresh new all-skill balances!

Sorry for a bit of delay, but this is actually a big game-changing patch! All skills have now been painstakingly re-balance, which should make all demons pvp-meta worthy.

Patch Note v8.35

  • Added a new opw event: Toy Parade with new event items: Toy Piece.

  • Update Event Shop's item with many event items:

  • Changed Demon Slum to Toy Parade theme (image from mobile.)

  • Changed Open Plains to Toy Parade theme (image from mobile.)

  • Rodeo Bob's normal attack will no longer trigger critical damage.

  • Added new Rodeo Bob's skill: Brave Gunner- Passively give C.Attack a LVL(10~15)% chance to crit when standing still.

  • Updated Rodeo Bob's skill: BombSpecialist - Increase explosives' range by LVL(25~50)% and add LVL(23~33)% def down.

  • Updated Rodeo Bob's Super Reload icon and changed its effects to reset all skills, items and equipment's cooldown.

  • Re-balanced all 600 demons skills based on new detailed pvp formular.

  • Reduced all gold demons's base stats to a sum of 270 (from 260-330.)

  • Reduced many passive demon elements defense from native skills.

  • Reduced the base critical rate to 13% (from 23%.)

  • Halfed the effect on skill cool down from DEX.

  • Fixed Opw's Demon Altar bug.

  • Changed Killjoy's Switft Hand (native skill) for passivly evade all magical damage 13% .

  • Changed all Black Baron's pistol attack to be based on DEX instead of TAL.

  • And many more!

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