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Jan 7th - January GiftAway

Tis‘ the season to be Gifting!

The Daily Login system has finally arrived. Check in with our friendly demion every day for your special January rewards! You can find da GiftAway demion at the Demon Slum. Also, the first Ranking Challenge of the year is here! Santa Runner will be open for a week for you to experience the cold before X-mas event ends!

Take care and be safe! ^^

Here are the details for this month’s giveaway!

Patch Notes v7.54

- Added a new daily login reward system : January-GiftAway (Check-in at GiftAway Demion in Demon Slum for your free daily rewards)

- Added ranking challenge 17th : Santa Runner

- Update SSS icons for Fay’s Arcane Burst and Nija’s Midnight Palm.

- Added some missing effects of Frostdew weapons.

- Fixed the issue of Gold demon’s Frostdew weapons that cannot be traded at the collector shop.


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