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July 22th - Red Claw and Greed Armor Preview

Ahoy! This patch comes along with our old new friend from the sea as a special Raid Boss. Ahoy cap'n Red Claw, prepared yer demon's army 'n ahoy 'im wit' a satanic greetin'. Defeat him and get the precious PirateBox for a special chance to be the very first demon who gets Greed Armor preview! (further Greed set will be updated in the next few patches.)

Ps. Hope you like our new greed set design and don't miss the chance to get ones. XD

Patch Note v7.82

- Added new special event raid boss: RedClaw. (Replace Omicron with 33% chance.)

- Added new item: Pirate box (drop from RedClaw raid boss)

- Added new Greed Armor for Hermont, Oyama, Xunwu, and Barbas. (randomly get by throwing pirate box into flame altar. Will be replaced with new items every week.)

- Added new Raid Victory announce UI appear when defeating any raid boss.

- Updated Pirate Soul and Pirate Treasure anima icon.

- Added new SSS skill for Ishtar: LifeBloom - Heal 2xHLG(100-200) HP to allies and give ally demons LVL(10-20)% HP regen for 13s.

- Added new SSS skill for Verin: FrostArmy - Add [ice] and HLG(200-400) HP IceGuard to demon allies. Increase their [ice] dmg by (23-33)% for 30s.

- Added new SSS skill for Verin: Subzero - Call out falling iceburgs, each dealing TAL(150-300) [ice] phy.dmg with LVL(15-30) KO.

- Adjusted Ishtar SSS skill: SecretGarden - Periodically cure all abnormal status to allies in LVL(13-23)m area for 30s.

- Removed Killjoy skill: LivingKnives and replaced by DealerLuck.

- Changed LivingKnives skill icon to SwiftHand skill icon.

- Added new skill for Killjoy: DealerLuck - Passively heal random hlg(45-90) - hlg(66-130) hp to self every time a skill is used.

- Adjusted Killjoy skill: ColorShuffle - Add and deal random-element TAL(50-75) m.dmg and reduce target's elemental protection by LVL(20-30)% for 23s.

- Adjusted Killjoy skill: QuickChange - Remove all elemental status and add LVL(33-50)% random element buff/debuff protection.

- Optimized open-world shading for pirate gold theme.

- Adjusted KOed effect for Solaris: self-explode when KO.

- Adjusted Koed effect for Wrum: enter defense state to prevent any damage.

- Fixed MhaouAI incorrectly cast VitalityBond on players.

- Fixed bug that player can't trade Demon Hunt anima from EventShop.

- Fixed Troth: SummonerMark can't command summon to move.

- Fixed projectile damage to deal correct damage when hit target in short range.

- Revise anima mixer rule and condition on DRC wiki page. (

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