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July 8th - Gladiator Hill And Demon AI 2.0

New single player campaign is here for farming easy Player Rank! Go head to head against 3 demon A.I. in Gladiator Hill with FPS, TPS, HNS and MMO demons. So sorry for the late update, but make no mistake, this patch is actually *huge* improvement. Our Demon AI version 2.0 will now able to use all skills and equipments in the game. (That's over 500+ skills in total! which is why this patch took so long to make.) They will also be appearing in some Open Arenas, and player will be able to recieve Event Item from killing them.

Patch note v7.80

- Added new 1 player vs 3 Demon AI campaign to Warchamber: Gladiator Hill.

- Added new 36 conquests for winning Gladiator Hill with FPS, TPS, HNS, and MMO demons.

- Added new monster: Dragon Whelp. (Dragon Type with 4 variances.)

- Added new event item: Short Tail.

- Updated Event Shop List with dragon related anima.

- Update Demon AI from ground up, they will now able to use all skills and equipments in the game.

- Added Demon A.I. to Sakura Bonsho (access from Steve in Demon Slum on Tuesday)

- Added Demon A.I. to Ultimate Demon Carnage (access from Steve in Demon Slum on Wednesday)

- Added Demon A.I. to Fenli Bridge (access from Steve in Demon Slum on Saturday)

- Change Open Arenas rewards for SakuraBonsho, UDC, and FenliBridge: - 1x Stage Rewards for killing 2 players and 1x Event Item for killing 2 DemonAI.

- Added a new sss skill information window. (press F1 to open skill window)

- Adjusted Ishtar's skill: SecretGarden - Heal 10x HLG(10-20)% HP MP and SP to allies in an area for 30s."), 10, 20, 30);

- Adjusted Hermont's skill: StunPunch - Deal 2x STR(0.7-1.0) [thunder] dmg with LVL(33-50)% chance to inflict 2s stun.

- Adjusted Killjoy's skill: Gambit - Temporary deal n.attack's critical hit as LVL(100-150)% aoe m.dmg or 0 damage for 13s.

- Adjusted Killjoy's skill: Misfortune - Deal TAL(66-130) m.dmg and stun target for Random 1-LVL(1-6)s.

- Adjusted BlackBaron's skill: BulletsRiot - Deal random 39xTAL(25-50) [poison] dmg on target area with LVL(20-40)% chance to 1s stun.

- Added new anima to Pandora and KingRodinia campaigns. (receive by completing conquest)

  • Pandora - Adds 15-30% Plant and Insects Killer.

  • KingRodinia - Add 15-30% Angel and Machine Killer.

- Fixed inactive demons icon not hiding in mini-map. (Sprinting and attacking will unhide.)

- Fixed/Changed some conquest rewards.

- Fixed Amy s4: DivineDevotion that won't buff allies demons upon use.

- Fixed Amy's skill: HolySword bug. (give wrong % light damage buff)

- Fixed bug that players can't trade element schema from arena shop.

- update the missing sss skill icon. (from patch v7.79)

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