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Jun 16th - 666th Multiverse

Special multiverse event is here to get you prepared! First PvP Season is also coming in a seperate announcement!

Patch v8.17

- Changed Purgatory Event to Multiverse for 2 weeks only.

- Updated Event Shop with past event animas.

- Opened selected past missions in campaign window.

- Added a new royalist armor set as new PvP reward.

- Combine all Basic Black armor* into one items that can be worn by all demons. (+23% light, dark proection)

- Added new models for Basic Black armor (including gold demons.)

- Combine all Novice armor* into Practice Coat that can be worn by all demons. (+25% Mission EXP.)

- Reduce Practice Arena's conquest requirement by half.

- Change Bifron's 1st SSS to Fuse Element: "Add current planetary element to demon allies with LVL(100~150)% dmg for 60s.

- Change Bifron's 2nd SSS to Fuse Barrier: "Add current element LVL(30~60)% protection to demon allies for 60s.

- Change Bifron's 3th SSS to Fuse Power: "Add LVL(25~50)% of current planetary buff to demon allies for 60s.

- Added Bifron's 6th SSS StarCollupsar: "Change c.attack into projectile that deal 4x LVL(100~200)% of charged MP for 23s.

- Updated Fay's DoubleCast: Make Fay casts her next spell twice with LVL({0}~{1})% chance of no cool down.

- Updated Tsukuyomi's Okami: Summon 2 Okami with LVL({0}~{1})% stats + 2x owner's lv with 13% MP drain.

- Updated Urion's ProtectionBubble: Cast a projectiles barrier that add DEF by LVL({0}~{1})% and deals TAL() to enemy summons for {2}s"), 33, 50, 100, 200, 13);

- Updated Zuijin's WestMetalTiger: Add LVL({0}~{1}% beast killer to self and deal STR({2}~{3}) critical dmg.

- Updated Zuijin's SouthFirePhoenix: Add LVL({0}~{1}% plant killer and deal 6x STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [fire] dmg.

- Updated Zuijin's NorthWaterTortoise: Add LVL({0}~{1}% fish killer, block all damages and deal 5x TAL({0}~{1}) [water] dmg around Zuijin."), 50, 100, 150, 300);

- Updated Zuijin's EastWindDragon: "Add LVL({0}~{1}% elemetntal killer and deal 8x STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [wind] dmg."), 50, 100, 2.f, 4.f, 100, 200);

- Fixed Greed's Team 5 not getting rewards.

- Updated all armors' compound materials.

- Replace Nemesis's material with Omicron material.*

- Added new monster hunt jobs:

*All replaced armor and item can be thrown into Flame Altar to recieve the new version.


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