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Jun 23rd First Pvp Season Announcement

It's finally time to rumble for the title of Satan and real-life prizes!

Are you ready to rumble? Our first pvp season will be officially kicking off next week. Top scorers will be rewarded with special prizes every week. The PvP shop will also be carrying specual exclusive item every season. Better yet, at the end of each season, the top winners will be rewarded with real-life prizes that include cash money! It's also completly free to enter, so stay tune for the final chart of prizes and rules!

ps. Also don't forget that the new event is coming next week, so better stock up before the Multiverse Event is gone. ;)

ps2. We forgot to mention from our last 666th patch (which was on 16th day, 6th month and 2066th budhist year) that the pvp score will be reset next week. The 1st winners will be getting the legenday 666 anima. (2nd-5th place epic and 6th-20th rare level) It's super op anima, so don't miss out. ;)

Patch Note v8.18

- Added new Royalist armor to PvP Shop. (Add 16 to all stats.)

- Added new black weapons for all gold demons.

- Updated black weapons set to add 13 all stats when worn with basic black suit.

- Updated internal cloud sever connections.

- Fixed Dekko campaign giving out incorrect exp and silver.

- Increased Trail campaigns's exp and silver from 66% to 100%.

- Increase Tiamat's Summon Darkling stats.

- Fixed some animas cannot be traded in Event Shop.


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