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Jun 4th - The Metal Mermaids

Out of the way Ariel! The ultimate metal band, "The Metal Mermaids" is here to challenge you for the demon throne. Meet the new trail boss campaign that will 'metal' you out against the most famous band in the underworld. With additional pet and rain coat and many other updates. Along with the new SSS for Mim. R U Metal !!!!?

Patch Note v8.15

- Added new trail boss campaign: The Metal Mermaids.

- Added new bosses: Metal Mermaids.

- Added new campaign material: Metal Pick

- Added new campaign anima: Very Metal I-IV (Add 200-500 MMP but reduce 100-400 MHP.)

- Added new Mim's SSS: Shock Therapy (Deals TAL({0}~{1}) [thunder] m.dmg after 3s and inflicts LVL({2}~{3})s confusion.)

- Added new Mim's SSS: Psionic Energy. (Continuously drain 10% MMP to deal LVL({0}~{1})% of it as 10x [thunder] f.dmg.)

- Rearraged Mim's GreySlumber to slot 3.

- Rearraged Mim's Killer Scan to slot 5.

- Add new pet to Event Shop: Baby Floggy.

- Add new pet to Event Shop: Baby Mulizard.

- Add missing Aquamorph pet model.

- Temporary changed requirement for SSS back to lv13-23.

- Fixed defense mod always return 0 in server.

- Updated the boss bar gui.

- Updated the pet following code.

- Added Rain Coat models for all male demons.


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