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May 27th - Rain Season And The Aquamorph

Are you prepare to get wet? Rain season is here in underworld, along with new watery monsters and seasonal raid boss called: "Aquamorph." (This is the last one of the trio-seasonal bosses.) While this boss carry many hard to evade moves, they are all water-based. So grab a few water protection items and take it down for your raid rewards. XunWu and Mara are also getting their final SSS in this patch, they are incredibly powerful in large team fights, so don't forget to check them out. ;)

Patch Log v8.14

- Change OPW to rain seasson theme.

- Added new event monsters: Floggy and Mulizard.

- Added new raid boss: Aquamorph.

- Added new Town job: Rain Hunt I-II, Water Trade I-II and Raining Raid I-II

- Added new anima: Morphing - Return 4-10% phy and mag damage to attacker.

- Changed Baywash's anima to (Return 4-15% phy.dmg to attacker.)

- Changed Tavan Borg's anima to (Return 4-15% mag.dmg to attacker.)

- Add new SSS skill for Xun Wu: Scorching Sun - Continuously burn enemies in {0}m with TAL({1}~{2}) [fire] e.dmg and reduce def by LVL({3}~{4})%.

- Add new SSS skill for Mara: Ephemeral Harmony - Perform an enchanting dance that increase all allies' atk mag def by LVL({0}~{1})%.

- Added effects to all Judgement weapons.

- Updated many armor models with higher polygons.

- Updated many demon animations.

- Updated many skill effects.

- Fixed AI stopping before reaching its attack positions.

- Fixed players cannot trade anima from Fairy Waltz's shop.

- Updated Satanic avatar's camera.

- Fixed Fay's Singular rift giving out incorrect damage.

- Changed defense mod calculation order.

- And so many more lol


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