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May 6th - Debuffer Update

Here come a new bunch of debuffer improvements and game changes. This week we are focusing on improving many statDebuff and found out that our game doesn't have much of that. lol. So we added new ones for some demons. Also, come up with many new updates and changes. So don't miss any information from this patch. :) Find more details about Buff/Debuff in our game Wiki here >>(Wiki link)<<

ps. Our Slum's Mayor election goes to 2nd phase. Keep voting your favorite NPCs to be our slum's mayor. (and get what they paid for voting for them.)

Patch Note v7.71

Added new SSS skill

- Added new Wiktor's SSS: PowerHunger - Temporary give n.attack the ability to steal LVL(6-13) STR per hit for 13s (stack.)

- Added new Fay's SSS: SummonLeviathan - Summon a leviathan, dealing 6xTAL(150-300) [water] m.dmg to random target areas.

- Added new Barbas's SSS: TargetingAI - Deal no miss 10xSTR(0.5-1) dmg with weapon element toward a single target.

- Added new Barbas's SSS: QueenBeeAndTheHive - Fire 50 missiles toward random enemy targets around Barbas, dealing TAL(45-90)

- Added new Troth's SSS: GleamingDelta - Deals 3xTAL(45-90) [light] m.dmg, destroy 100% SP and inflict NoStamina for 6s.

- Added new Troth's SSS: BrandingSeal - Extend all basic-stat buffs and debuffs to LVL(66-130)s. (Double stat values on owner's summons)

- Added new Tiamat's SSS: DarkVoid - Instantly reduce all target Stats by LVL(20-40)% (or Max TAL(30-60) for 13s.

- Added new Tiamat's SSS: SummonTyrannos - Summon Tyrannos from the abyss, dealing 6xTAL(666-1300) [fire][dark] m.dmg to all.

- Added new Tsukuyomi's SSS: MatsuriBonsho - Summon a great festival bell that inflicts 2s silence and destroy TAL(30-60) MP every 6s for 60s.

Patch update

- Added new statDebuff to Nija, Hermont, Oyama, and Mim skills.

- Nija: flipEdge - Evade phy.dmg, deals STR(0.4-0.6) [wind] dmg and reduce TAL(13-23) STR for 23s. (+MoonHeal)

(remove > disarm)

- Hermont: shellshock - Deal STR(1.0-1.5) dmg to front enemies and reduce TAL(13-23) VIT for 23s.

(remove > deals dmg by weapon element. / CD 6 > 13s)

- Oyama: farCutTechnique - Deal STR(0.7-1.0) + TAL(66-100) [wind] dmg to a target and reduce TAL(13-23) DEX for 23s.

(TAL 150>100)

- Mim: psychoWave - Deal 10x TAL(66-99) [water] m.dmg in a long line and reduce TAL(13-23) TAL for 23s.

- Added new Ranking Challenge #21: Election Devils(wnd/thd) to Campaign Window in War Chamber.

**RC#21 with double KingCoin (RC coin) rewards.**

- Added new rare/legendary Killer schema to Azrael dungeon collector shop and purg.gate collector shop

- Added new Xunwu/Verin costumes to the arena shop.

Xunwu - Brahma Costume (+Fire dmg.)

Verin - Shiva Costume (+Ice dmg.)

- SUM status will now affect all summon skills including temporary summoned skills such as summonBeholder, CallOfQlwpdrt, SummonTyrannos, and SummonLeviathan.

- Update Slum's mayor candidate voting score.

**The Last 3 ranked candidates will no longer be Voted - players who vote for them can throw His/Her Voting Proof into the Flame altar to get the listed rewards.**

- Mim's Scan ability can identify the target's sub-type. Also, improve GUI for a scan window.

- Fixed May Giveaway missing reward icon.

- Fixed the wrong monster's drop rate.

- Fixed bug that cause the game to crash.

- Change map.dmg to Field Damage(f.dmg) with blue color damage numbers.

> f.dmg = non-crit / non-miss / no dmg to structure

> ATK up, MAG up Buff or Debuff don't effect f.dmg.

- Added more details about GameStatus. (Wiki link)

Skill adjust

- Update Wiktor's skill icon: LifeSteal


- MidnightSlash: STR 4.0>2.0

- LunarBlade: DEX% 300>200

Add > remove shield


- Tethys: Fixed wrong buff applied when use - DEF>MAG

- KosmosWave: TAL 150>120


- n.atk: STR 0.6>1.0

- AcidFlask: TAL 15>23


- BottomlessPit: TAL 180>90 *(Fixed code doesn’t match the in-game descript)


- CallOfQlwpdrt: HLG 150>120

Added> count as a summon skill.


- OverGrowth: Reduce summon LV.


- Bomb Heist: TAL 200>250

- VivaLaCactas: Added> count as a summon skill.


- CrystalSpark: Elemental resist -50% > -40%


- Adjust DeathKnight AI.


- OverHeal: HLG 350>300


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