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Nov 6th - Mara Deva Of Desire

Mara, the famed deva who has appeared in many ancient lore has joined the Satanic election! She's the ultimate wind/earth mag, proficient in mass-killing and mass-crowd control. She can also use mass seductive skills at later stage. (For now, she is locked to wind element as her her earth skills are second tier skills.)

This week only, we decided open the guild decoration system as a preview. You can arrange your guild with preview items without having to complete the guild mission. Be warned though, that this will not be saved and revert back to empty guild once the guild instance is destroy. Hopefully, this will help you decide on how to best decorate your guild. (Many many more furnitures are also coming in.)

May your backed candidate win the US election. ;D

Patch Note v6.70

- All normal raid bosses are back, with 33% chance to be replaced by PlumkinKings.

- Add new demon Mara to Summon Altar. (900g)

- Add new Mara native skill: WhirlWind - Enable Mara to create small cyclone at target location, dealing 3x [wind] 35% TAL damage.

- Add new Mara native skill: SpinGale - Enable Mara to create small cyclone around her with c.attack, dealing 3x 50% STR [wind] damage.

- Add new Mara native skill: FlyingWing - Enable Mara to fly in the air by holding double jump button but reduce her walk speed.

- Add new Mara native skill: DevaOfDesire - Gives Mara 100% charm and wind resistance but reduce her earth resistance by 50%.

- Add new Mara active skill: RazorPlumes - Cast 8x feather blades that deals TAL(20~30) magic damage and reduce wind protection by 5% (stack max 40%.)

- Add new Mara active skill: ForwardGust - Create a small cyclone that pushes enemies forward and deal 6x(40~60) [wind] magic damage.

- Add new Mara active skill: ZephyrLore - Gives nearby allies LVL(20~30)% speed boost and (33~50)% [wind] protection for 30s.

- Add new Mara active skill: SummonWindServent - Summon a wind elemental that attacks target enemy with stats equal to MARA's LVL(100~150)% DEX.

- Add new Mara active skill: GreatWindStorm - Cast a giant tornado that pulls everything inward and deals 5xTAL(33~50) per sec.

- Add new Mara active skill: VajrayanaMark - Trigger magic seal that reduce Mara's MP instead of HP and regen LVL(5~10)% MP per sec for 23s.

- Add new Mara's standard weapon: Mara's Feathers.

- Add new Mara's standard armor: Mara's Garb.

- Add 9 new quests for Mara to conquest window.

- Add new Mara Anima: Wing Gale I-IV - (add 4-10% wind damage and 5-20 wind protection.)

- Add new Item type 'furniture" (used for decorating guild.)

- Add 3 new common furnitures: Wooden Table, Dinner Table and School Desk.

- Add 5 new tower-set furnitures: Tower Table1, Tower Desk1, Tower Desk2, Tower Shelf1 and Tower Shelf2.

- Add 3 new halloween event furnitures: Halloween Table1-3.

- Add new preview-furniture feature and guild quest to Guild Board, where all furnitures are present without needing to complete the guild mission.

- Update Mhaou's WarMonger - Tuant enemies for TAL(60~130) Hate and reduce their phy.Dmg and mag.dmg by LVL(20~30)% for 13s.

- Update Fay's SingularRift - Cast a giant magical rift that deal TAL(240~360) [light] m.dmg in target area.


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