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Nov 13th - Furniture Update

The guild quest system and guild furniture is now fully open! Anyone can help donate materials to fully decorate your guild in different style. By doing so, you will receive special coupon as a rewardsm which can be traded in to guild shop (coming next week.)

ps. There wasn't enough time to move the officer data so only guild leader can change the mission and furnitures for now. Another side note is, our commercial is almost done. So please hold your breath for it. ;)

Patch Note v6.71

- Add 3 new key items: Guild Coupon I-III (receive from donating materials to guild mission. can be stack beyond 99.)

- Add 8 new [halloween] guild furnitures.

- Add 2 new [halloween] guild wall items.

- Add 5 new [halloween] guild floor items.

- Add school set furniture: teach desk.

- Add 5 new [soul tower] guild wall items.

- Add 5 new [soul tower] guild floor items.

- Add new Bifron's tier 2 Skill: Enceladus - Change n.attack to STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(35~50) [wind] mag.dmg with homing effect. Increase Bifron's evasion by LVL(13~20)%.

- Add new Bifron's tier 2 Skill:Dione - Change normal attack to [water] with HLG(20~30) HP return. Increase Bifron's mp regen by LVL(150~200)%.

- Add new Bifron's tier 2 Skill:Titan - Change normal attack to [earth] with 5% chance to cripple. Increase Bifron's def by LVL(13~20)%.

- Add new Bifron's tier 2 Skill: KosmosWave - Channel energy waves around Bifron, dealing TAL(33~50) mag dmg with current element.

- Reduce all Bifron tier1 skills to STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(35~50) dmg with 13-20% increase to stats.

- Delay Mara's normal attack by 0.2s and reduce ko of each hit to 1.

- Reduce Urion's nightmare to 6s on all levels.

- Change Wiktor's anima to: Savage Hunt - Return 5-20% MHP of the hunted after each kill.

- Change Matti's anima to: Demon Hunt - Increase EXP from each demon kill and by 10-25%.

- Add Matti's Satanic armor to compound shop.

- Add 4 new status: healing up, healing down, accuracy up, accuracy down.

- Move Kosmos to Key Items category. (won't be display in vault.)


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