Oct 16th Demon Guild Preview

This week all political parties will get their own empty head-quarters where you will be able to decorate it how ever you want later. We also updated and added new Tsukuyomi's tier-2 skills for you this week. They are super awesome, hope you all will like it. All 666th patch anima is also distributed to all the top ranks players.

Lastly, next week is Halloween Patch, we have a special spooky surprise for you. So make sure you stay safe and wear a mask until then! }:X

ps. All our new demon have been added on our game wiki: https://demonsarecrazy.gamepedia.com/DemonsAreCrazy_Wiki

Patch Note v6.67

- Add new town map: Demon Guild, which is spawn for each player's guild. (Accessible from Demon Slum's west exit.)

- Add new DRC's original sound track: Demon Guild (demo version.)

- Add new Tsukuyomi tier-2 skill: KabukiBlade - Perform a blade dance, dealing 6xSTR(0.4~0.6) dmg with (20~30)% drain mp.

- Add new Tsukuyomi tier-2 skill: WaxingMoon - Deal STR(0.8~0.9) + TAL(30~45) [light] dmg and reduce dark protection by LVL(20~30)%.

- Add new Tsukuyomi tier-2 skill: WaningMoon - Deal STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(60~90) [dark] mag.dmg and reduce light protection by LVL(20~30)%.

- Add new Tsukuyomi tier-2 skill: SummonOkami - Summon a pair of spirit foxes with LVL(100~200) Stats to attack a single enemy.

- Add new Tsukuyomi tier-2 skill: ToriiGate - Summon a Torii gate that protect allies in 30m from magic damage for (5~10)s.

- Add new Tsukuyomi tier-2 skill: OriginalInari - Increase light and dark protection by 15% and return LVL(33~50%) of damage delt to Tsukuyomi after 6s.

- Speed up Tsukuyomi's normal attack.

- Fixed Barbas' wrecking ball turning to the wrong direction.

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